Feb 18, 2020

Bohemian Pudding With Special Custard Recipe

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This pudding was made in a border mould and after turning it onto a spherical porcelain dish from Royal Doulton we very fastidiously decrease away a bit bit half from the very best of each pancake to reveal the mixed fruits inside.


12 very skinny, small pancakes

1 oz. butter

roughly ½ pint sweetened apple puree

specific custard

2 oz. diced glace cherries

1 oz. softened, diced angelica

Three oz. sultanas


1. Make the thin pancakes exactly as outlined in recipe and unfold them out over a piece of oiled greaseproof paper. Butter an peculiar border mould with given butter.

2. Pour merely ample warmth water over the mixed crystallized fruits and sultanas to cowl, not at all forgetting that if you happen to occur to could deal with wine as a substitute of water quite a bit the upper; nevertheless the choice is just non-compulsory.

3. Make the custard and when the fruits have soaked for 30 minutes throughout the water or wine, drain properly and mix them with the apple puree. Unfold a bit little bit of this mixture over the center of pancake, then fold them up into little squares or quarters fan shapes. Lay these down throughout the border mould.

4. You must have areas left in between so pour throughout the specific custard until the mould is crammed after which cowl the very best fastidiously with kitchen foil.

5. Place in a big, shallowish pan with ample boiling water in it to return halfway up the perimeters of the mould. Cowl and allow to poach with extreme gentleness for 50 minutes.

6. Chill in refrigeration when fully chilly and set, find yourself on to chosen dish. Fill a bit little bit of the actual custard into central cavity, run the remaining throughout the outside of the mould in your dish and if you want, you can take a bit bit sharp knife and decrease away little bits of bases, now tops of the pancakes so that the mixed fruits and sultanas are thus disclosed. That’s purely a garnish trick; nevertheless has no significance in any method in addition to to the eye.

Explicit Custard:-

That’s nothing additional nor decrease than a quite a bit thicker major confectioners’ custard.


½ pint milk

vanilla pod at any time when potential

4 separated egg yolks

1½ oz. flour

Three oz. castor sugar


1. Place flour, castor sugar and egg yolks proper right into a bowl and whip until very pale and foamy.

2. Heat milk to boiling stage with vanilla pod. Take away, wipe and retailer pod.

3. Pour a variety of the boiling milk on to the egg/flour/sugar mixture and stir until simply blended.

4. Flip into remaining milk, stir as soon as extra and when fully built-in flip into the very best of a double saucepan over scorching water and stir over a low heat using a wooden spoon. Proceed until custard is admittedly very thick. Then use as outlined in recipe above.

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