Jan 23, 2020

Bandeng Presto (High Pressure Cooked Smoked Milkfish)

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Pressure cooking was first launched by French Physicist, Denis Papin. He invented Steam Digester to chop again the time wished to prepare dinner dinner meals. Primarily what the steamer do is tighten the air stress inside it to increase the boiling stage of water, subsequently the meals could possibly be cooked faster.

Bandeng Presto makes use of extreme stress cooking strategy that most certainly was launched all through Dutch colonization in Semarang, Central Java. Bandeng or Milk Fish accommodates many bones that makes it more durable to eat when cooked with widespread stress. Bandeng Presto is Smoked Milk Fish which cooked with Extreme Pressure Cooker.

Bandeng is a giant toothless silver fish that lives in warmth components of the Pacific and Indian oceans and related to the herring and the salmon, is commonly utilized in Indonesian delicacies. Presto received right here from Italian language “shortly”, nevertheless on this case, it talk about with the stress cooker mannequin “presto” – the first stress cooker penetrated the market in Indonesia.

It is readily prepared by deep frying or bake it inside the oven and serve scorching/warmth. There is no additional elements wished. A vacuum packed smoked milk fish is basically essentially the most usually used method for preserving Bandeng Presto and extensively purchased in Semarang Retailers. It might be saved for six months – 1 yr inside the cool place with out reducing the freshness and eating regimen.


* 1 kg (or 3) current milkfishes, take away gills and stomach half

* 1 tablespoon tapai yeast (fermented black rice) , grounded

* 2 tablespoon salt

* Three tablespoon tamarind water

* 10 bay leaves

* 10 cm galangal (see: opor ayam), sliced and pounded

* 2 half of litre water

Grounded spices:

* 14 cloves purple onion

* 7 cloves garlic

* 4 cm ginger

* 4 cm turmeric

* 1 teaspoon salt

* 150 g giant purple chili peppers, boiled

* 10 small inexperienced chili peppers, boiled

* Eight cloves purple onion, boiled

* 4 cloves garlic, boiled

* 1 teaspoon sugar

* 1 teaspoon salt

* 1 teaspoon terasi (shrimp paste), fried

Completely different Elements:

* Banana leaves for wrapping as wished

* Egg’s white or flavoured flour as wished


1. Slice the stomach part of the fishes. Clear them up using water and permit them to dry.

2. Smear the fishes with tapai yeast, salt, and tamarind water. Go away them for about 1 hour.

3. Smear the fishes with grounded spices evenly.

4. Put bay leaves and slices of galangal on excessive of the fishes.

5. Wrap with banana leaves so that the fishes are easy to hold from the stress cooker.

6. Pour 1 litre water into the stress cooker. Put a sieve on excessive of the cooker

7. Put together the wrapped fishes ontop of the sieve.

8. Put together dinner until the cooker hissed, 30-50 minutes counting on the sort of stress cooker you make the most of.

9. Let the cooker cool with open lid.

10. Pour water as soon as extra and prepare dinner dinner until the water is not any additional.

11. Take out the fishes and permit them to dry.

Approach for chili sauce

1. Heat vegetable oil.

2. Sautee grounded spices until the sauce smells good.

3. Put into plate and let it cool.


1. Smear the fishes with egg’s white or flavoured flour.

2. Fry until brown.

3. Serve with chili sauce.

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