Feb 16, 2020

A Good Gumbo Recipe!

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I’ll give you my gumbo recipe. I found to organize dinner from my mother and grandmother who’ve been born and raised in New Orleans and really knew simple strategies to organize dinner. Most of the time, you can’t get them to place in writing down their recipes on account of they used a “pinch” of this and “merely enough of that” and “two fingers of water” and so forth. This recipe is a mixture of every of their recipes which I’ve added to by the years. My brother cooks his gumbo barely utterly totally different than mine and like all good cooks; he’ll inform you his is greatest.

You desire a large pot. I wish to make use of Magnalite mannequin pots which might be what my mother always used for the whole thing. I’ve cooked gumbo in numerous types of pots and it nonetheless tastes good. The magic of any good Creole dish is the “roux”. That’s flour which is browned to a rich mahogany coloration. A lot of individuals try making the roux whereas they’re cooking the greens inside the bacon grease. My mother taught me to brown the flour first after which you probably can add it as you put together dinner your gumbo. The profit is you do not need to worry about burning your whole seasonings and also you do not need to have a look at the whole thing as intently.

She would take a 5 pound bag of flour and brown it in a flat pan inside the oven. That’s solely good for people who do a lot of cooking and even I don’t put together dinner that rather a lot. I take an enormous Teflon frying pan and put in a cup or two of flour and beneath a medium to extreme heat slowly brown the flour. I all the time stir the four with a spoon or spatula and it will brown pretty correctly in a matter of ten minutes or a lot much less. It’s possible you’ll get it as brown as you want and if it burns, you have not wasted your whole seasoning. Really there are many gravy and roux mixes accessible in the marketplace now they often work pretty correctly as a roux so that you probably can substitute that in case you want. A mannequin named Tony Chacherie’s is an environment friendly choice. I buy an enormous container of gravy mix at Sam’s after I’m feeling lazy. This won’t meet with my mother or grandmother’s approval nonetheless.

Proper right here is the recipe and Bon Apetit. Creole Gumbo

Recipe shared by Edgar M. Dapremont Jr.

1c. Chopped celery 1 huge onion, chopped 1 huge inexperienced bell pepper, chopped 4 tsp. File (when you can not get this, it will nonetheless be a wonderful gumbo) 2 toes minced or chopped garlic 1 cup of all goal flour 3/4 cup bacon grease 1 lb. Andouille sausage (a Cajun sausage) – when you can not get this use a wonderful smoked sausage 1 tbsp. Sugar 1/eight cc Tabasco half teaspoon Tony Chachere’s seasoning Three Qt. Water 6 beef bouillon cubes 4 bay leaves half tsp. Dried leaf thyme 1(14 1/2-oz.) can stewed tomatoes 1 small can tomato sauce 2 (10oz.) Frozen decrease okra, thawed 2 tblsp. White vinegar 1 or 2 lbs. of lump crabmeat Three lbs. shrimp 2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

ROUX: Add flour to a few/4 cup melted bacon grease in huge heavy skillet and stir correctly to combine. Put together dinner this over low medium heat stirring all the time until it turns right into a darkish mahogany rich brown coloration. It would take 20 to 30 minutes and it must be watched repeatedly and you can proceed to stir until accomplished or flour will burn.

Alternate methodology of preparing Roux: I take the flour and brown it on a extreme fire whereas stirring all the time until it is a rich brown. I make the roux by then together with the brown flour to the bacon grease after which I merely add the processed greens. I exploit brown flour moderately rather a lot in gravies and soups so I’ve an enormous container of brown flour always accessible. (My mother browns 5 lbs. of flour prematurely in her oven after which retains it inside the freezer for every time she needs it. Every methods of establishing a roux work correctly nevertheless you merely must confirm it is good and rich brown.

VEGETABLES: Course of the onion, celery, bell pepper, and garlic in a meals processor. Add sausage and the processed components to the roux and put together dinner for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring all the time to saute the greens. Set this aside.

BOIL WATER: Whereas preparing the roux and greens start the three quarts water to boiling in an enormous Dutch oven or Gumbo pot a minimal of 6 Qt. Measurement. Add beef bouillon to boiling water to create a beef broth. Combine roux mixture to boiling broth and stir. In the reduction of heat and add bay leaves, thyme, tomatoes, tomato sauce, sugar, salt, Tony’s seasoning, and Tabasco to boiling mixture. Simmer on low heat for 1 hour. On the 45 minute mark, add 2 teaspoons file to gumbo and stir.

OKRA: Whereas the gumbo is cooking, put together dinner the okra in an enormous frying pan with the 2-tablespoon of vinegar for about 15 or 20 minutes. Drain the fat off the okra and put apart.

CRABMEAT, SHRIMP, OKRA: After the gumbo has been cooking for about 1 hour, add crabmeat, shrimp, okra, and Worcestershire sauce. Put together dinner for about 45 minutes additional after together with these remaining components. On the end add 2 additional teaspoons of file.

Serve over rice.

Suggestions from Edgar: The gumbo might be frozen or refrigerated and plenty of people favor it larger the next day. Bon Apetit!

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